Rebecca Morgan's Presentations

Turn Upset Customers into Satisfied, Loyal Customers

How do you make your upset customers happy? What can you do to ensure upset customers will return, will be satisfied, and will refer others to you? It's the little things that pay off big.

Learn what upset customers want, how to calm them, and how to retain and grow their business. The concepts in this program are applicable to internal and external customers.

45-90 min., half-day, full day

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Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for SuccessfulSales

How should you begin your sales call for greatest effectiveness? How can you be friendly yet get down to business? What is the best way to uncover the concerns of your prospect? How can you then turn these uncovered areas into a sale? What are ways to close for commitment? How do you manage your in-office and on-the-road time to be most effective?

Learn how to:

45-90 min., half-day, 1-2 days

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Time Management Triumphs: Get Results You Can Measure

Do you go home feeling like you haven't accomplished much? Are you bothered by seemingly constant interruptions? Would you like to make use of little pieces of time throughout your day? Do you put off doing tasks you know you should be doing? Do you rush at the last minute to put together projects you've had weeks--or even months--to work on?

Learn how to manage your time to accomplish your top priorities. In this interactive, fun seminar, we'll discuss how to keep on top of your commitments and manage your life with more ease. You'll walk away with new ideas, new determination, and new tools to help you keep organized. Learn how to manage yourself and your day by using practical ideas that are applicable whether you use an organizer system or not.

45-90 min., half-day, full day
Ten-week, five-part mail reinforcement is available, as is a half-day follow up refresher.

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Interpersonal Communication Savvy

Have you had associates with whom you just couldn't communicate? Do you know people with whom you "talk the same language" and others who seem to be talking Martian? Would you like to understand how to communicate with others so they'll be most responsive to your requests and ideas?

This program can include:

45-90 min., half-day, full day

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Grow Your Business by Developing Your Key Talent (this program is for executives)

What are your challenges with developing your key talent to step up to the next level of responsibility? What has worked for you in the past to grow your leaders that isn't working now? Is your idea of development promoting them and seeing if they sink or swim?

In this roll-up-your-sleeves session, Rebecca will lead an interactive discussion on your challenges about growing your key talent to take on more responsibility so you can grow your company. Additionally, she'll share some out-of-the-box examples of how to develop your key people, beyond sending them to a one-day training or a conference, as well as giving you some low-cost, low-time alternatives. She'll give you ideas on how you can get higher ROI from any development effort, and how the learner can be accountable to apply the learning on the job.

45-90 min., half-day

Developing Emerging Leaders (this program is for emerging leaders)

"Managing people is a pain!"

You've heard this from your colleagues. Perhaps you've even said it yourself. You are smart. So why is it hard to manage people? You know you could use some new skills to manage your team better, but you're not sure exactly how to go about it. If all people would respond to the same management style, it would be so much easier!

When you talk to your staff, do you sometimes feel like you're talking to a wall? Do you have trouble getting them to do what you want them to do? Do you feel like it's often quicker and easier to do the job yourself?

This program is applicable for not only new managers or supervisors, but as a often much needed refresher for managers who think they know what to do, but aren't doing it.

Learn how to:

45-90 min., half-day, full day, multi-part series

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Learn to Train Effectively: Using Gimmicks, Games andGizmos to Enhance Learning

Do you sometimes have difficulty making your sessions stimulating? Have you caught people nodding off in your presentations? Do you want to know how to use appropriate interaction and unusual techniques to keep everyone involved? Then this program is for you!

We'll focus on the "whys" and "hows" of utilizing fun, interactive training techniques to speed learning. This is an annotated training--the techniques will be demonstrated, then the process discussed.

You will learn how to:

45-90 min., half-day, 1-2 days if video coaching and practice are utilized

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The Power of Our Words

"Words not only affect us temporarily; they change us." -- David Riesman, The Lonely Crowd

Our words are so much more powerful than we give them credit for. We take our words for granted, because we say so many in a day. We don't take the time to think through "How might my comment leave the receiver? Feeling respected, or diminished? Feeling better about himself, or worse?"

This inspiring talk is an in-depth look at how others' words have affected us, and how our words can affect others. Every audience members has had someone hurt them with their words, but they often haven't seen how their words affect prospects, customers and co-workers.

The insights are shared with humor, warmth and honesty not often seen from the platform. The program is touching and insightful, as well as humorous.

45-60 minutes

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TurboTime: Maximizing Your Results Through Technology

If you're like most people, you use less than 20% of the power of your computer. How can you get the most use out of the incredible tool right under your fingertips?

We'll discuss simple, inexpensive ways to maximize what you probably already own. We'll speak in plain English, not techno-babble, so even if you're technologically inexperienced, you'll walk away with specific ideas you can apply tomorrow.

This isn't a "what-keystroke-to-hit" kind of program. It's a motivational informational talk to help you get excited about using the tool you already have more effectively. This will help you accomplish more easier and quicker. We'll discuss cross-platform ideas that are available for Mac and DOS/Windows.

Topics can include:

45-90 min., half-day

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