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These tools have been used inthousands of companies around the world

The information andinsights these profiles provide can be a catalyst for personal andprofessional growth. They are great for executives, managers,individual contributors, professionals, support staff and even students.

The power to transform individuals, teams, organizations. Inscapeprovides valuable products and services to help people develop a deeperunderstanding of themselves and their relationships. Our extensivelyresearched and time-tested resources create the opportunity fortransformational experiences. Inscape helps people discover theirpotential and organizations realize greater success.

Inscape Publishing, the leading provider of instrument-basedlearning systems, pioneered the original DiSC¨ learning instrument overthree decades ago. Today, we continue to create innovative products andservices that engage, inspire, and empower individuals andorganizations. Available in 25 languages in more than 50 countries,over one million people each year use Inscape's learning resources togain insight into their attitudes, behaviors, and potential in theworkplace.

We have been distributors of these tools since 1983. We arewell acquainted with the complete line of profiles and learning tools.On this page we've listed their most requested products. You can alsodownload and print thecomplete Inscape Publishing product list and prices.

If you are an independent speaker, trainer, consultant or coach, andwould like information on how to become an Inscape distributor, please download thisbrochure, then contact us for more details.

Inscape Profiles/Assessments/Instruments

Inscape Publishing tools help youassess your preferences and attitudes toward a variety of topics, andthen help you create more effective behaviors. These tools are welldesigned and easy to use. Great for individuals, teams, or trainings.

Coping & Stress Profile


Coping & Stress Profile¨

The Coping & Stress Profile is a unique learninginstrument that assesses and connects stress and coping in four lifeareas: Personal, Work, Couple and Family. It reveals how stress in onelife area can impact other areas. Conversely, coping resources in onearea can be used to effectively manage stress in another area. TheCoping & Stress Profile research shows that people who developand use four key "Relationship Coping Resources" -- Communication,Problem Solving, Flexibility and Closeness -- manage stress far moreeffectively in all life areas than people who rely only on individualcoping resources, like diet and exercise. Use this profile to identifyindividual stressors, coping strengths and to develop relationshipcoping resources for greater balance and personal satisfaction.
Download adetailed brochure

Coping & Stress Profile,$22.50 each

This profile is also available in an onlineversion with an instant report emailed to the respondent. Once ordered,within one business day we'll email you a unique URL that allows you totake the assessment online.
Order the Coping & StressProfile online profile with personalized report, $31.00
Coping & Stress Profile Facilitator's Kit Coping & Stress Facilitator’sKit, $600.
Dimensions of Leadership Profile


Dimensions of LeadershipProfile¨

The Dimensions of Leadership Profile is a multi-faceted andcomprehensive
tool for developing effective leaders and committed followers by:
  1. Exploring leadership from three points of view: selfas leader, another
    person as leader, leadership needs in a given situation.
  2. Assessing four broad aspects of leadership:Character, Analysis,
    Accomplishment, and Interaction.
  3. Identifying important leadership characteristicsacross twelve
    dimensions: Enthusiasm, Integrity, Self-renewal, Fortitude, Perceiving,
    Judgement, Performing, Boldness, Team Building, Collaboration,Inspiring and
    Serving Others.

Use the profile to match leadership characteristics toorganizational needs, identify leaders at every level of theorganization, and develop effective leader-follower relationships forimproved team and organizational performance.

Download a detailedbrochure

Dimensions of Leadership Profile,$20.50 each
Dimensions of Leadership Profile Facilitator's Kit  Dimensions of Leadership Facilitator'sKit, $600
Discovering Diversity ProfileDiscovering DiversityProfile¨

Limit the influence of stereotypes and create acceptanceof differences with the Discovering Diversity Profile -- aconfidential, self-directed instrument that explores diversity issuesin the following key areas:

  • Knowledge -- what a personactually knows about differences and the source of that knowledge.Stereotypes and Information are measured here.
  • Understanding - individualwillingness to put yourself in another's
    position. Awareness and Empathy are measured here.
  • Acceptance - patience and regardfor different beliefs and behavior.
    Tolerance and Respect are measured here.
  • Behavior - how a person acts outtheir attitudes toward others, their
    flexibility and openness. Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Skills aremeasured here.

The profile is a critical tool in helping people movefrom fear and resistance to informed acceptance of diversity as asource of organizational strength. Download a detailed brochure

Discovering Diversity Profile, $20.50each

This profile is also available in an onlineversion with an instant report emailed to the respondent. Once ordered,within one business day we'll email you a unique URL that allows you totake the assessment online.
Order the Discovering Diversity onlineprofile, $31

Discovering Diversity Profile Facilitator's Kit
Discovering Diversity Facilitator'sKit, $600


Personal Learning Insights Profile


Personal Learning Insights Profile¨

To learn is to develop new capacities to do things, or think in ways,you couldn't before. The Personal Learning Insights Profile is a uniqueresource that helps learners and facilitators gain insight intoindividual approaches to learning. It helps people identify andunderstand how they experience, process, organize, store and retrieveinformation.

The Personal Learning Insights Profile provides a valid,reliable framework for exploring three important aspects of cognitivelearning:

  • Learning Purpose: Do you enjoy learning when you canuse new information to address immediate needs, or do you enjoylearning for the sake of learning?
  • Learning Structure: Do you want information presentedin an organized framework, or do you want to organize the informationyourself?
  • Learning Activity: Do you like group learningexperiences, or do you prefer to learn independently?

Through personalized feedback on preferred learningpurpose, learning structure, and learning activity, individuals andfacilitators are better prepared to seek out and develop effectiveresources and strategies to capitalize on formal and informal learningopportunities. The Personal Learning Insights Profile can be used asthe focus of "learn how to learn" initiatives, or can be integratedinto a variety of programs, from personal development to conflictresolution, to train-the-trainer.
Download a detailedbrochure

Personal Learning Insights Profile,$20.50 each
Personal Learning Insights Profile Facilitator's Kit Personal Learning InsightsFacilitator's Kit, $600

Personal Listening Profile


Personal Listening Profile¨

The Personal Listening Profile gives insight into five listeningapproaches:
  • Appreciative - relaxed listening,seeking enjoyment or inspiration
  • Empathic - supportive listening,without judgement
  • Comprehensive - listening to makesense of information by understanding
    relationships among ideas
  • Discerning - listening tounderstand main message and determine important
  • Evaluative - listening in order tomake a decision and accepting or rejecting message based on personalbeliefs

Discover your preferred listening approach, learn moreeffective ways of listening to overcome communication barriers andreduce conflict, and learn to match listening approaches to the needsof the situation for total communication and business results with thePersonal Listening Profile¨. Downloada detailed brochure

Personal Listening Profile, $20.50each

This profile is also available in an onlineversion with an instant report emailed to the respondent. Once ordered,within one business day we'll email you a unique URL that allows you totake the assessment online.
Order the Personal Listening onlineprofile, $31
Personal Listening Profile Facilitator's Kit Personal Listening Facilitator's Kit,$600


Personal Profile System


DiSC Classic¨

The foundation of personal and professional success lies inunderstanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impactof personal behavior on others. For nearly thirty years, the DiSC¨Classic has unlocked the door to productive communication andrelationships for over 30 million people through its DiSC¨ Dimensionsof Behavior learning approach.

DiSC Dimensions of Behavior¨ provides a non-judgmentallanguage for exploring behavioral issues. It helps people explorebehavior across four primary dimensions:

  • Dominance
  • influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness
DiSC Classic¨ is a multi-level learning instrument that helpsindividuals assess to what degree they utilize each dimension ofbehavior in a situation. The instrument then provides feedback designedto help people in your organization:

  • build productive teams
  • develop effective managers
  • train a powerful sales force
  • improve customer service
  • ease frustration and conflict
Download a detailedbrochure of DiSC Classic¨

Orderthis profile

Also available is the DiSC¨ PPSS (Software for Windows). This combinesthe power of DiSC with personalized technology to deliver instrumentedlearning to your fingertips.

Download adetailed brochure of DiSC¨ PPSS software.

DiSC Action Planners

Once you're grounded in DiSC¨, use these Action Plannersto fully utilize what you've learned. Develop effective ways to manage,coach, and lead others with DiSC¨ Dimensions of Behavior. Assessstrengths and motivation, then plan and implement strategies thatencourage productivity. A practical tool for managers and supervisorsat all levels.

Downloada detailed brochure of DiSC Action Planners

Personal Profile System Facilitator's Kit Facilitator’s Kit is available,$600. Software will be quoted.
Orderthis Facilitator's Kit


Team Dimensions.

Team Dimensions¨

Successful team members don't do the same thing at thesame time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while teammembers work together toward a common goal, individuals still must playtheir individual roles in the process. As organizations rely more andmore on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at thespeed of change, clearly understanding and capitalizing on individualapproaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating highperformance teams.

Discover the Right Roles for the Right People

The Team Dimension Profile identifies four key roles inteam performance:

  • Creator - Generates originalconcepts, goes beyond the obvious, and sees the big picture. Hands offtasks to an Advancer.
  • Advancer - Recognizes newopportunities, develops ways to promote ideas, and moves towardimplementation. Hands off tasks to a Refiner.
  • Refiner - Challenges and analyzesideas to detect potential problems and may hand plans back to anAdvancer or Creator before handing off tasks to an Executor.
  • Executor - Lays the groundwork forimplementation, manages the details, and moves the process tocompletion.
  • Flexor - makes sure tasks arehanded off to the right people at the right time
The profile presents the "Z Process" to map the flow of assigningroles, completing tasks, and handing off tasks to other team members.Using the four roles in the "Z Process" gets new teams moving forwardquickly and gets current teams unstuck.

Capitalize on Individual Strengths for Total TeamPerformance

The Team Dimensions Profile helps teams in yourorganization:

  • identify individual strengths and approaches toteamwork
  • clarify team members' roles
  • reinforce the contributions of every team member
  • reduce project cycle time and increase productivity
Download a brochure

Team Dimensions paper profile, $20.50each
This profile is also available in an onlineversion with an instant report emailed to the respondent. Once ordered,within one business day we'll email you a unique URL that allows you totake the assessment online.
Description of Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 online:

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 is a value-added version ofthe popular Team Dimensions Profile. While staying true to the originalteam roles and "Z" process, the Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 reportincorporates an engaging, conversational style and includes a number ofenhancements. Even though the report has been expanded, it's evensimpler and easier to understand than the original. The model has beenenhanced as well, so it tells a story visually, making it easier toremember and reinforcing learning.

Key features of the Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 reportinclude:

  • A more accurate rating-scale response
  • A new, more intuitive two-dimensional model
  • Expanded feedback including information on strengths,challenges, and working with other roles
  • Commentary on the respondentÕs flexibility in his orher role
  • Details about what might cause the respondent stressat work
  • Expanded information on the "Z" process
  • Applied information on communication, meetings, andtime management
  • A one-page comparison of all four team roles
Download afree sample report of the Team Dimensions online profile

Order the Team Dimensions onlineprofile, $31

Team Dimensions Profile Facilitator's Kit Team Dimensions Facilitator's Kit,$600


Time Mastery Profile


Time Mastery Profile¨

The Time Mastery Profile provides a personal assessment tool and anaction planning workbook in one time management resource. Learn tofocus on priorities, increase productivity, and respond toopportunities by assessing time management skills in twelve areas:
  • Attitudes
  • Goals
  • Priorities
  • Analyzing
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Interruptions
  • Meetings
  • Paperwork
  • Delegation
  • Procrastination
  • Time Teamwork

Use the profile to develop a customized time managementsystem to master every moment in your busy schedule. Because the TimeMastery Profile focuses on behavior, it can be used with any calendaror planner system. Detailedbrochure

Time Mastery Profile paper profile,$22.50 each

This profile is also available in an onlineversion with an instant report emailed to the respondent. Once ordered,within one business day we'll email you a unique URL that allows you totake the assessment online.
Order the Time Mastery online profilewith personalized report, $31.00

Time Mastery Profile Facilitator's Kit Time Mastery Facilitator's Kit, $600

Note: Other products are available.Some are available in several languages
(translation may be arranged for others).

Note: All Facilitator’s Kits include:
• One facilitator’s manual
• A fully-scripted seminar
• Transparency masters
• Reproducible handouts
• Research/technical background and sample profiles


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