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What do Oprah, 60 Minutes, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and National Public Radio have in common? They've all featured Rebecca Morgan's expertise! Her ideas are so solid, Microsoft retained her as their workplace effectiveness spokesperson. Read on to learn how she can help your organization become more effective.

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How Can You Get the Best From Your Key Talent?

If you're like most managers or executives, you are struggling with fewer people to do more work. Your people are smart and good workers, and you know they have to grow their skills to not just keep their heads above water, but instead, create the solutions which will be the foundation for your organization 3-5 years from now. Yet they don't have the time to go to lunch, let alone attend an involved training session.

Developing Your Star Staff

Rebecca works with organizations that know the secret to their current and future success is developing key talent long-term -- not in a one- or two-shot quick fix. Long-term behavior change only happens with long-term intervention.

She works with key talent, fast trackers, high potentials, and emerging leaders -- executives, managers, salespeople, customer service reps, and individual contributors -- of some of the best organizations. She knows what works -- what enables high achievers to go even further. She is the architect for focused, tailored solutions designed to meet your organization's particular needs.

Developing your crucial staff takes more than sending someone to a one- or two-day seminar. It is a long-term process -- however it doesn't have to be time-intensive. Read Rebecca's 8-Step Process for ensuring results.

However, many executives find it hard to find time to create a systematic plan for developing their people. If you find yourself in this situation, read Rebecca's article "Kill Your Business by Ignoring This Issue."

Rebecca's solutions reflect her exceptional communication skills as well as her extensive research and interviews. She delivers solutions that meet your objectives -- on time and on target. To see some of what she's accomplished for others, view samples of the problems presented, Rebecca's solutions and the results. Contrast these approaches with the typical approaches managers take to development outlined in this brief chart.

"Because of your skill, two team members who had a conflict were able to understand each other better and make an agreement to improve their relationship. You really turned around a situation that was negatively impacting the entire team." --Manager, Knowledge & Training Resources, SyStemix

"I thought the [eight-month management development academy] was extremely worthwhile. There were some very important pieces of information that I use and refer to daily. What I feel was most important was we learned about ourselves -- how we think, feel and react. This is so important in leading others. If we know ourselves, we can see and understand others." --Manager, Adobe Systems

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC, Will Help Your People and Organization:

As one of America's most respected and sought-after key-talent development experts, performance strategists, facilitators and presenters, Rebecca brings her experience as a savvy businesswoman and bestselling author to work on your challenges.

Partnering with You for Success

Rebecca partners with her clients to create innovative, long-term profesional-development solutions. Her focus is on long-lasting results, not flash-in-the pan fluff. She works with you to increase people-productivity and profitability by providing the right skills for the right people in the right way. She delivers solutions that meet your objectives -- on time and on target.

Based upon your organization's specific needs, Rebecca develops an implementation plan. She uncovers these needs by conducting a thorough needs assessment to make sure she creates the best plan for your situation. She analyzes what is keeping your achievers from being more effective, and designs appropriate solutions to address the target group's challenges and areas for development. And a true partnership it is. Without support from the right parties, any effort is doomed to fail. Rebecca believes there are three key components to any successful development program's success. Read her thoughts on this in "The Three-Legged Stool for Training Success."

Creating Innovative Solutions For Your Challenges

Rebecca specializes in creating innovative solutions for achievers who have a high interest in ongoing professional growth and personal continuous improvement.

Known for her unique thinking and solutions, Rebecca typically melds creative and non-traditional -- yet proven -- techniques. This enables you to get the perfect solution, not just an off-the-shelf way out. Instead of throwing time and money down the drain, you invest in a sustainable, long-term, measurable result.

Crafted to fit your business needs, Rebecca custom designs and delivers unique workplace-effectiveness solutions that will maximize the return on your investment.

Solutions can include:

To help you see the various ways we might work together, we've created a simple chart of 10 cost-effective ways to begin your development effort. Some involve very minor cost and time commitments.

"I appreciate your efforts and feel we put together a program that has real and lasting benefit for our people." --Marketing Services Manager, Graniterock

Results You Can Measure

Since 1980, Rebecca has been working with some of the world's leading organizations. The results of these long-term solutions are truly remarkable, and the ROI has shown to be many times what "traditional" one- or two-shot training sessions have yielded.

Tracking the results of the participants' implementation of her ideas is key to ensuring the process succeeds. She works with you to determine pre- and post-program measures to show progress toward defined goals. For example:

Rebecca Morgan's Credentials

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