Rebecca Morgan's Portfolio of Services

Having been in the people-productivity business since 1980, we've been asked to design many solutions to increase sales, management, and customer service effectiveness. We've helped reduce customer complaints, increase sales volume, raise customer satisfaction ratings, boost communication, and augment managers' effectiveness.

The following lists our complete services offerings. The first section, Project Success Sample Solutions, shows you details of several projects we designed for clients. Other sections provide you extensive descriptions and outlines for our various programs. We like to build long-term solutions based upon the specific needs of your company, a department, or strata of employees (e.g., managers, supervisors, leads, individual contributors, sales reps, customer service reps). Additionally, we offer individual coaching and courses which can be taught by others using complete facilitator kits we provide.

Call us to discuss the specifics of your needs.

Multi-Session Solutions   (This PDF includes all of the following:)

Personal Effectiveness Program
Supervisor/Lead Training Series
Professional Development Program
Customer Communication Series

Customer Service

Creating Customer Service Excellence
Calming Upset Customers
Customer Service Survival Skills
Putting Your Best Voice Forward: Telephone Skills and Etiquette

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Communication Savvy
Listening for Better Understanding
The Power of Our Words
Communicating With Confidence
Relax, Reawaken, & Get More Done—A Stress Workshop
Adventures in Attitudes®

Selling Skills

Professional Selling—Savvy Sales Strategies
Persuasion Skills for Non-Traditional Salepeople

Productivity Improvement

TurboTime: Maximizing Your Results Through Technology
Bringing Innovation to Team Projects and Processes
Time Management Triumphs: Practical Ideas for Magical Results
Managing Information Overload

Speaking, Training, Learning

Using Gimmicks, Games, & Gizmos To Enhance Learning
Understand How People Learn—For Managers, Supervisors, Trainers & Team Leaders
Presentation Skills

Other Services

In addition to the courses listed above, we offer programs that others can present. These programs come with Leader's Guides and materials. We are long-time distributors and practitioners for Inscape Publishing (formerly Carlson Learning) and now for Vital Learning.

"Other Taught" Courses

We also offer individual coaching for key individuals. This can be done either in person or over the phone.

Individual Performance Coaching

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