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Calming Upset Customers: Staying Effective During Unpleasant Situations

Learn what gets customers upset, what they want, and how to calm them. Assess your calming skills and attitudes. Know why it's important to calm these customers and turn them into satisfied customers. Understand how to avoid upsetting them in the first place. Make sure to use words that defuse defensiveness, rather than make the customer erupt. Know how to compose yourself and serve the next customer after the altercation. And managers, learn guidelines for what to do with your upset employee.

Having sold over 250,000 copies, this business bestseller has been featured on Oprah Winfrey, 60 Mintues, National Public Radio and in USA Today and many other internatinal periodicals.

Review of the third edition, by Harold McFarland, Editor, Readers Preference Reviews

"Calming Upset Customers is basically a workbook for dealing with difficult customers. It...explains...why customer satisfaction is so important and the various things that can be done to convert an upset customer into a happy customer. It is about solving...problems at the employee level before they become major problems.

"[T]his book is an excellent resource for anyone who has to deal directly with customers. The workbook format with various excercises throughout make this book an excellent training tool. It is a recommended read, but probably its best use would be to purchase a stack of them and hand it out to all new employees when they are hired. This is the minimum that every person involved in customer contact should know."

By reading this book and completing the exercises, you will learn:

Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales   

he bottom line is: you'll learn how you can close more sales. This book covers how to get prospects, make cold calls, get down to business, close for commitment, overcome objections, understand what your prospect wants, manage your paperwork and follow up easily. Everything you need to help you make more sales today! Come learn the secrets that tens of thousands of other salespeople have learned to help them succeed. Maybe some of those are your competition!

Sales Success: Do You Have What it Takes?
Professional Salesperson's Quiz

Part I: Getting Started
Finding Prospects
Acquiring Referrals
Using the Telephone to Qualify and Get Appointments
Overcoming Telephone Cold Call Reluctance
Defrosting Telephone Cold Calls
Write Your Own Telephone Outline
Telephone Cold Call Checklist

Part IIA: Face-to-Face Selling: Understanding The Process
Presentation Strategies
Starting the Interview
Asking Questions
Facts/Features, Transitions and Benefits

Part IIB: Closing For Commitment
Testing for Buying Interest
Sample Closes
Reducing Resistance and Countering Concerns
The Importance of Nonverbal Communication
Reviewing Your Efforts

Part III: Face-to-Face Selling: Understanding Your Customer
Selling to Different Communication Styles
The Four Communication Styles
Understand Your Style
What Did I Discover About Myself?
Communication Styles Practice
Case Situations

Part IV: Organize For Greater Sales
Prioritizing Your Clients/Prospects
Conquering the Paperwork Mountain
Follow-up Made Easy: A Tickler/Suspense File
Salvaging Scrap Time
Make Notes
Using a Prospect Lead Form

Part V: Review
What Did We Cover?
Crossword Puzzle Review


When the publisher asked me to write this book, I was thrilled to share what I'd learned from my sales mentors and from customers. I distilled all the good information down into just the best ideas that really worked. So packed in these pages are the best practices of the top salespeople I know, as well as what I've learned and refined in my many years as a professional salesperson.

I hope you enjoy this book and apply the information to make your sales skyrocket!

By reading this book and completing the exercises, you will learn: