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A Salesperson's Guide to Calming Upset Customers: First, Avoid Creating Them (845 words)

Article analyzes a real call and 5 clear actions one can take to keep the customers calm and free of upsets.

Ask Rebecca (sales advice column, 3278 words)

Question and answer format to often asked questions and generally unavailable in other sales resources. Practical sales strategies on being effective in sales etiquette and protocol.

Closing For Commitment (453 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Covers techniques and timing of when to use this with someone effectively. Developing a repertoire, practicing and then applying it to the right prospects.

Conquering The Paperwork Mountain (225 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Simple and efficient ideas to reduce and handle paperwork the first time.

Defrosting Telephone Cold Calls (1093 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) This article illustrates some of the common pitfalls of cold calls. It explains how salespeople can avoid them to be more effective in gaining clients and getting the appointments.

Following Up Easily (277 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Provides a simple method and tool to systematically organize, track, and complete follow-up calls in a timely manner.

Getting Referrals (306 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Effective and practical "step by step" actions to take in asking for client referrals.

Getting Through The Telephone Guards (724 words)

Using a humorous story to illustrate, this article gives you several effective pointers to help you get through to your sales prospects on the telephone.

Prioritizing Your Prospects (165 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Gives the critical guidelines by which to code prospect lead cards and use this same process to divide call-backs to maximize potential business.

Professional Salesperson's Assessment (446 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Provides a self-test to assess key attributes of sales performance. The test allows you or others to complete the assessment of success factors.

Prospects Buy Your Body Language Before Your Words (448 words)

Shows the importance of understanding non-verbal communications such as body language and tone of voice. Gives examples of these areas and suggestions on how to improve your non-verbal communications.

Reducing Resistance And Countering Concerns (980 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Provides practical tools and coaching to reduce resistance and counter customer concerns on sales calls.

Sales Success-Do You Have What It Takes? (1057 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Delves into four key attributes to being a successful salesperson. Identifies the attributes and how to build and create sales success.

Understanding Your Prospect's Motivators (1256 words)

(Excerpt from Professional Selling book) Illustrates the four primary personality styles and what motivates each one. This information allows you to adapt your sales presentation to each type and make more sales.

Un-Savvy Sales Strategies (386 words)

Situations continually change. Make sure you continue to get the sales training you need!

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