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8-Step Process for Ensuring Results from Key Talent Development

Developing your crucial staff takes more than sending someone to a one- or two-day seminar. It is a long-term process -- however it doesn't have to be time-intensive. This 8-step process will help you understand the key components to an effective development effort.

A Manager's Gardening Guide to Growing People (3-page PDF)

This fun guide makes 13 key parallels between training and gardening. While whimsical, it also makes solid and thought-provoking points.

Audience Involvement Techniques (1005 words)

Questions about specific audience involvement techniques and Rebecca Morgan's answers.

Calculating the Value of Meetings: A Step-by-step Process to Measuring Meeting Success (1059 words)

How do you prove a meeting was worth the time and expense? Learn a step-by-step approach for measuring the cost and ROI.

Components of Mastery (503 words)

A five-step formula for pursuing and practicing mastery.

The above article is an excerpt from Life's Lessons -- Insights and Information for a Richer Life

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Ethics In Training (843 words)

How to avoid fraud and honor other people's work-doing the ethical thing.

Getting Copyright Permission (441 words)

How to secure reproduction permission to use copyrighted publications.

Getting Into Corporate Training-What Does It Take? (915 words)

How does one get into the world of training? What do training directors look for when hiring new trainers?

Gaining Senior Management Buy-In On Training (486 words)

How to convince senior managers to become involved in training and gain their commitment to new techniques and ideas.

How to Effectively Moderate a Panel (1088 words)

Panels can be useful or deadly, depending upon how they are set up and run. Learn how to ensure your panel is a highlight, rather than a lowlight, of your meeting. Simple steps you can take to organize, select, direct and moderate a panel. Additional tips were included to help prepare your audiences' cooperation and communications.

How to Get the Biggest ROI from Your Department Training (2-page PDF)

Outlines how you can ensure the best results during the three stages of departmental training.

Improving the Attention and Actions of Your Groups (820 words)

How to ensure your groups will stay attentive during your meeting. Tips on optimal room layout, interactive stretch breaks, and other practical, easily applied and creative ideas that work.

"Kill Your Business by Ignoring This Issue" (996 words)

Based on her work with CEOs, Rebecca discusses why not focusing on developing your key talent will kill your business, and 5 steps to overcome the inertia present in most businesses on this issue.

Making Your Transparencies Shine Professionally (1750 words)

Gives effective guidelines on working the overhead projector smoothly, and professional methods to produce great transparencies to enhance your presentation.

The Three-Legged Stool for Training Success (2-page PDF)

Outlines the three critical parties to training success, with responsibilities for each.

Tips from the Master Trainer (680 words)

This collection of tips and wisdom is great as a whole article, or as fillers. Covers materials, ice breakers, audience involvement do's and don'ts.

Take Charge of Your Learning (1-page PDF)

This article is for training participants. It discusses four steps learners can ensure that their training experience is a success.

Three Approaches to Training

Organizations typically approach developing their people in one of three ways. Two are nearly a waste of time and money. See which one your organization uses most, and see which one has the biggest ROI.

Six Top Questions Leaders Ask About Developing Their Key Talent

Speaking to leaders IÕve learned that they want to know how to best develop their key staff members. The most common solution they know is to send folks to 1- to 3-day training sessions, or to conferences. They know those get minimal, if any, return on the time and money invested, but theyÕre not clear what other options are available which would have a higher, and longer term ROI.

They want to know how to best maximize their investment in growing their people. They ask excellent questions. Here are six of the best frequently asked questions, along with my responses.

Training is Like a Restaurant -- You Add the Condiments (1-page PDF)

This article is for training participants. It discusses how they can adapt the content to their situations.

What's the value of a master moderator?

You've witnessed panel discussions at meetings that were either a hit or a gigantic, boring miss, where the audience members left in droves, or got a lot of work done on the Blackberries. In either case, who is responsible? The organizer who invited the panelists and moderator? The moderator? The panelists?

Who's accountable for personal improvement?

Sounds like a dumb question, doesnÕt it? Of course, it is the individual who is responsible and accountable for improving their skills. But I've found it is not often seen that way.

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