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Customer Service/Calming Upset Customers

14 Tips for Calming Upset Customers (652 words)

Gives methods for calming upset customers and guidelines on how to avoid creating upset customers in the first place.

Avoid Turning a Dissatisfied Customer Into An Angry One (1581 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) Discusses things that might further irritate an already unhappy customer. Shows how to guide the conversation to open communication instead of starting a fight.

Building Customer Relationships (1425 words)

Frequently asked questions and answers on the various aspects of your relationship with your customers.

Customer Service Star: Carmel Windows (247 words)

An exceptional example of going beyond "good" customer service.

Global Customer Sensivitiy (478 words)

Valuable tips on the differences of serving your world wide customers.

Good Apples and Bad Apples (296 words)

Good apple or bad apple? What kind of customer ssupport do you provide?

How Do You Calm Upset Customers (2400 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) A detailed look at dealing with an already upset customer: what upset customers want, words that annoy them and words that are neutral, how to handle yourself, how to handle obstinate customers. Includes step-by-step guidelines for dealing with an upset customer.

Managers' Guidelines For Creating Customer Satisfaction (1396 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) Guidelines for creating an environment for customer satisfaction; training your staff; handling the upset employee.

Managing To Retain Customers (1022 words)

Discusses customer satisfaction being the essential element to a successful business venture. Several key actions managers can take with themselves, their staff and customers which would keep the customers coming back. These areas include service attitude, staff suggestions and customer feedback.

Nonverbal Communication (615 words)

The many ways your body language and voice tone may influence an upset person.

The Paschalis Factor (319 words)

Flight attendant Paschalis Cowell shines in her attitude and approach to her customers and shares her secret for staying unruffled with difficult customers.

Top 10 Common Mistakes Employees Make With Customers-And What You Can Do To Prevent Them (1039 words)

Through 18 years of conducting customer service training, the author explores the most common mistakes she has seen and shows how easily they can be corrected!

What Are Your Non-Front Line People Saying To Your Customers? (428 words)

Looks at what can happen when employees who do not normally interface with customers come face-to-face with them and why it's important they too receive customer service training.

What Do You Do After The Customer Is Gone? (564 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) Learn from your interaction with the customer. Learn how to analyze the incident.

Why Bother To Calm Upset Customers (783 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) Discusses the impact of dissatisfied customers and what the reader can learn from a complaining customer.

Why Do Customers Get Upset? (879 words)

(Excerpt from Calming Upset Customers book) What are some of the reasons customers become upset? Knowing can help you resolve and even avoid unhappy customers.

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