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* March 9-20 Speak on Caribbean cruise
* May 4-6 Austin, TX
* May 8-10 Lubbock, TX
* May 17-24 Singapore
* May 24-28 Siem Reap, Cambodia
* May 29-June 5 Chiang Rai, Thailand
* June 8-9 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
* July 18-21 Washington, DC 


Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice

Calming Upset Customers

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Grow Your Key Talent

Calming Upset Customers

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Would You Still Love Your Work After 60 Years?

In my travels with our non-profit group Together We Can Change the World I get the blessing of meeting some incredible people doing amazing things.

Read about a remarkable woman who still loves her work at age 80.


Good Service Example from a Bangkok Cabbie

Mr. Gui, whose name I learned when he introduced himself upon my entering his taxi, was an unusual cab driver. I have ridden in many cabs around the world and I can say that he was among the top 5 I've ever encountered.

What made Mr. Gui's approach different? Read on.


An Inspiring Story of Sacrifice and Hope

We were entranced when we met 3-year-old Gaa at the Good Shepherd Sisters Hands of Hope sewing center in Nang Khai, Thailand during our Together We Can Change the World visit.

Read why Gaa his mother and grandmother's story is inspiring.


Shangri-La Bangkok Has Thought Through the Customer Experience

You expect 5-star hotels to provide more than basic amenities to their guests. But it is a joy to see how much a hotel's designers think about the details of customer experience.

Read the details that made a difference.


Unforeseen Benefit of a Chore

Sometimes doing a chore you're not thrilled with yields marvels you'd never imagine.

See why doing this chore yielded a marvelous experience.


Rotary of Bangkok Fund-Raising Seminar

It was thrilling to speak at a special evening fund-raising program at the Bangkok Rotary. Four of our Together We Can Change the World presenters put together 15-minute presentations on our thoughts on becoming leaders in a global workplace.

See pics and read more about the results of the event.


Lessons from New Year's Eve in Bangkok

Some people tell me that I live an exciting life as I do some interesting things. However, I feel I live a pretty tame life with gusts of excitement. I've been feeling that left to my own devices, I take the mundane road.

If you feel similarly, perhaps you'll take a page from my experience in Bangkok on New Year's Eve and see if you can apply my lessons to your life.

Read the lessons I learned.


A Smile Can Yield Unexpected Kindness

It was a beautiful sunny day in Vientiane, Laos. One of my travel buddies, Susan, and I decided to rent bicycles ($3/day) and explore the Mekong River shoreline bike path 3 blocks away.

Most of the way we had the path to ourselves, but occasionally we'd come upon boy monks or other explorers. We carefully wove among the shoreline sidewalk restaurants until we came to the end of the paved path after an hour.

Learn how a chance encounter resulted in our being the beneficiary of a kind act.


A Personal Note

Although I just returned from 3 amazing weeks in SE Asia with my Together We Can Change the World (TWCCTW) group I'm already excited about our next trip in May. It's inspiring to see such good work in the projects we support and to see how people's lives are changed when good people get involved. It's also great to work with the business leaders in the community to share ideas that will help them be more successful.

If you have contacts in SE Asia who you think would benefit from our helping them be more effective leaders and managers, please connect me ASAP.

I've committed to raising $1000 toward the May trip, so if you'd like to help me achieve this goal please go to www.TWCCTW.org and click the donate button. Please put my name in the note so it will be attributed toward my fund raising goal.


Let's Connect on LinkedIn

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