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Calming Upset Customers

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Been Inspired Lately?

A few weeks ago I visited some projects our Together We Can Change the World foundation supports with SE Asian disadvantaged women and children in Myanmar (Burma). In addition to visiting several schools, we visited an inspirational group called Women for the World.

Read how these women turned around their and their families' futures.


Are You Being Helpful - Or Hurtful?

Sometimes our friends and colleagues ask us for feedback. Other times we think our feedback will help them see a blind spot that we think they should know.

But no matter if the input is asked for or not, we're never quite sure how it will be received.

Read more how to ensure your feedback will be taken as helpful, not hurtful.


How Long Will You Tolerate

Dysfunctional Behavior?


I heard a story recently about an executive displaying highly dysfunctional behavior. She is high enough in the organization to get away with not being disciplined or fired. But she's not emotionally mature enough to understand how her actions have negative ramifications on those around her.
See if you have people in your organization who behave like this executive.


Travel Angels Redux

A few years ago, I wrote another piece about travel angels. What are they?

When I travel, especially abroad, I am touched by the kindness of others. I call them my travel angels. We had many in our week in Myanmar. In Hong Kong, on the way from the airport to our hotel we had three.

Read why these strangers were angels.


Do You Create Your Own Stress?

"I hate my mailman!" my friend exclaimed.


"Because I was expecting an important package and he just left me a notice in my mailbox. In fact, I saw him earlier in the day in another part of the condo complex."

My friend lives on the fourth floor of a condo building with a communal mailbox station on the first floor. There is no office for deliveries to be left.

See if you have anything in common with this friend who's causing her own stress.


A Personal Note

In early May my Together We Can Change the World (TWCCTW) group met some incredible people in Myanmar. They included business leaders, a guitar-playing monk who ran a school for poor children, and the inspiring women described in the above article. My friend Treasure Shine manages several dozen projects to help disadvantaged villagers and arranged visits for our group. The kids and teachers were wonderful to see and enjoyed the toys we brought, the games we planed and the songs we sang with them.

We loved the people we met and are excited to return in May to work with more business leaders via several public seminars in Yangon and Mandalay. The last public seminar sponsored by our contacts had 600 attendees. Our fees for these public seminars will be donated to Myanmar projects we support as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) that we believe is important.

If you have contacts in SE Asia who you think would benefit from our helping them be more effective leaders and managers, please connect me ASAP. Or if you'd like to donate to TWCCTW to help women and children rise out of poverty through education, please contact me.


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