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Lesson From A Proud Vendor

My visit to the summer farmers' market yielded a delightful feast for the eyes and mouth. The bright-colored fruit and veggies were displayed with gusto. The abundant fruit samples at the many stalls were succulent delights.

Approaching a vendor displaying large watermelons, I asked "Would you do half?" He nodded yes. "How much?"

"Five dollars" he responded with an impish smile on his face -- a whole melon was $5. I obliged with an exaggerated expression of disbelief.

"No!" I exclaimed.

Read what happened next -- and how you can take this lesson and apply it to your own service delivery.


The Theater of AT&T

I'm not talking about an actual physical space, but instead, of the verb form. An action that is just for show.

While doing some work on my house, the crew accidentally messed up the outside box where the phone wires come into my house. I have VOIP through Comcast so wasn't sure the wires were even relevant. So I called Comcast and they told me to call AT&T.

I did. The rep was helpful and said the wires running to the house were their responsibility so she scheduled a guy to come out Monday. Since it was Friday and it wasn't urgent since I still had phone service I said fine.

See if you're as flummoxed as I was with what happened next.


When You Need to Give a Hug

When I stepped on the hotel elevator on the second floor, the only other person inside was a twenty-something woman. She was crying but working hard to not. Yet she couldn't stop. I have been there - something hurts so badly you can't control the emotion, even when you're in a public place and you feel embarrassed at not being able to stop.


I paused briefly to look at her, unsure whether to ignore her and mind my own business to my 14th floor room. I noticed she'd pushed the 6th floor button so I knew we wouldn't share this space long.


What Sayings Are Holding You Back?

When I hear someone declare, "There's nothing new under the sun" I want to scream, "Have you not been alive the last 10, 20, 30 or 40 years?" So much new has been invented you'd have to have been living under a rock to believe the trite saying they so adamantly express.

Read on for ways to expand your views. 


A Personal Note

Our trips to SE Asia with my Together We Can Change the World (TWCCTW) group are always rewarding to me. Whether we're working with business leaders and hotel executives, or visiting schools, group homes or orphanages, we see up close what a little help can do for people.

We've begun to sponsor wells in villages where up to 20 families per well will now have clean water. If you are wanting to honor a loved one, you can sponsor a well for $300 and we'll put a plaque on the well with your message, e.g., "In memory of..." or "In honor of...." This is perfect for those who already have so much they don't need another holiday or birthday gift. You can give them a well with their name on it and we'll send you a picture of the well and plaque and the families the well serves.

If you have contacts in SE Asia who you think would benefit from our helping them be more effective leaders and managers, please connect me ASAP. Or if you'd like to donate to TWCCTW to help women and children rise out of poverty through education, or to sponsor a well, please contact me.


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