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Calming Upset Customers

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Have You Taken a Bubble Break Lately?

While on a 10-hour layover in Hong Kong, I cooled my jets in the Cathay Pacific business class lounge. There are rarely kids in these lounges as families with kids rarely go business class. But today there are 3 little ones ages 2-5 belonging to one couple. Sensing they needed a distraction, I got out my bottle of bubbles and started blowing in their direction. Their squeals of delight signaled this was the right move. We spent 10 minutes blowing bubbles as they giggled and chased them until the soap was gone.

Read more about how you can benefit from a bubble break.


The Longing for Connection

I believe a fundamental human longing is for connection. Most of us do that through friends and family, and sometimes we look for connection through brief interactions with strangers.

I guess I was wanting to connect with the elderly Japanese couple seated near me in the shade at an ancient temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand. It was warm and we all apparently wanted a respite from the heat. I gleaned they were Japanese from their son's talking to them when he deposited them near me.

Read the rest of the story about how a connection was created even without common language.


Do Your Client Gifts Go Awry?


Many companies like to show their appreciation for loyalty by adding extras to their repeat customers' experience. It's common in hotels to upgrade their loyal customers with in-room treats. While I never expect these, I appreciate them even if the item isn't to my taste.

However, it's rare that these gestures actually backfire. I know this is the exact opposite of the intention of the hotel management, but it can happen.

See how to avoid your client gifts backfiring.


Hospitality Lessons Learned from an Unusual Source

"Hello! What is your name?" the young man greeted me as I entered the facility.

"I'm Rebecca."

"I'm Brian" he responded with a broad smile.

"I'm glad to meet you Brian."

Read on to discover what Brian did that you can apply to your life.


Do You Allow Customers to Have it Their Way?

On my recent 2.5-week trip to Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, I had the blessing of staying in 5-star hotels. However, there was a notable difference in how each treated its customers.

Explore if there are parallels to your business.


Young Philanthropist is an Exemplar


When a Deal Isn't

When in Cambodia, I love to get pampered. It's easy to do since you can get a 1-hour massage for $8. So the first few days of my recent trip I tried various massage places, spending as little as $3.50 for a 1-hour massage during one establishment's "happy hour" afternoon special.

See if you can relate to this story of deals not really being satisfying.


How's Your Follow Through?

In my experience, lots of people say yes to things they never provide. Some people even volunteer to do something that never materializes. And they don't even have the professionalism to get back to the person or group to whom they committed to tell them they won't be delivering what was promised.

Two recent occurrences of this reminded me of how rampant this bad habit is.

Understand how this habit create long-term negative affects.


A Super Star Septuagenarian

Many people would assume that she was a stay-at-home grandma who mostly watched TV and crocheted cozies. How surprised they would be to see this 70-ish woman navigate through the Macy's computerized cash register with aplomb.

See how inspirational this unassuming example is.


A Personal Note

In April, I returned to SE Asia with my Together We Can Change the World (TWCCTW) group. We worked with business leaders and hotel executives, visited a school where we funded a technology center, as well as a home for pregnant women and new mothers who were in need of a safe home. We also visited wells we funded so up to 20 families per well would have clean water.

If you have contacts in SE Asia who you think would benefit from our helping them be more effective leaders and managers, please connect me ASAP. Or if you'd like to donate to TWCCTW to help women and children rise out of poverty through education, or to sponsor a well in lieu of a gift to a loved one, or in memory or honor of someone special, please contact me.


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