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Sept./Oct. 2013

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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* Dec. 16-24 SE Asia
* Jan. 3-5 Phoenix
* Jan. 28-Feb. 8
Cambodia, SE Asia
* March 20-23
Wichita, KS
* March 1-4
New York City
* June 29-July 2
San Diego


Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice

Calming Upset Customers

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Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers' Delight 



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Grow Your Key Talent

Calming Upset Customers

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Grow Your Key Talent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives and Managers on Developing Star Staff today! 


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Ensure Your Customers Want to Kiss You, Not Curse You 


A pair of young men have started a service in our neighborhood to help fund their college education. They will do nearly any chore for $15/hr. I've engaged them to transport furniture, clean out my gutters, move all the furniture out of 3 rooms for floor refinishing, then move it back, trim bushes, wash my car and myriad other tasks.

They have a can-do attitude and never complain about the yuckiness of a task.


Common Sense is Hard to Learn


My friend arrived at the store to pick up the donated gift card for the high school fundraiser. When she announced herself at the customer service desk, she was greeted with, "I'd like to shoot the person who wrote this letter."

My friend was taken aback and said, "Well, it was me. So shoot me. What did I do that was so offensive to you?"

"There's no info on the letter for us to contact you."

My friend pointed out, "The letter has the phone number of the high school and the name of the person to contact. My personal return address is on the envelope. What more did you need? Obviously there was enough info for someone to contact us as I got notice to come pick up the card."


Improving Your Organization's Reputation


When you know your organization has a reputation for poor service, you need to double your efforts not to perpetuate that impression. When it's a for-profit company, you can easily lose customers as the bad-word-of-mouth spreads.

But what if your organization is a non-profit or government agency that serves the public? What do you have to lose if you don't try to upgrade the public's perception?

What can you do to help fix a bad reputation?


Getting While Giving


When we do activities that others may see as altruistic, we typically get back at least as much, usually more, than we give. I noticed this during my recent visits to Thai and Cambodian orphanages and schools I support through the Together We Can Change the World Foundation.

Read more about my experience there and some key learnings. 


A Personal Note

I hope you had a wonderful summer. Mine was mixed with some US travel and doing some overdue home fix up.

In Dec. and January, I'm looking forward to returning to SE Asia to work with clients and continue my work through Together We Can Change the World Foundation supporting schools and orphanages.

Please don't hesitate if you'd like to discuss how we could work together.


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