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September/October 2008
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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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Calming Upset CustomersFindout more about how to calm down yourupset customers with professionalism, either through live trainingor the book.
Calming Upset Customers

Could your sales force use new or refined skills to close moresales? ProfessionalSelling:Practical Secrets for Successful Sales has been used asthe corporate sales guide for many companies.

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AmaraHotelExemplifies Superior Service

Some hotels claim to have superb service. Others actually provideit. Read examplesof some of theoutstanding service I received on my recent stay at the AmaraSingapore. Hopefully there are some ideas you can adapt to yoursituations.
NewJust-in-Time Online Learning Resource

The just-launched site, iLearningGlobal(iLG), is agreat training tool for corporate employees, small-businessowners, and individuals interested in sharpening their skills. Itis an amazing way to learn from some of the world's greatestminds in success, productivity and achievement. iLG's goal is tobecome the world's largest online learning portal.

I am honored to be chosen as one of the faculty members, alongwith Brian Tracy, Tony Alessandra, Harv Eker, Bob Procter, MarkVictor Hansen, Patricia Fripp, and many more highly regardedfaculty are added weekly.

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Singapore Airlines Again Shows StellarService

I expected my recent 1-hour flight from Penang, Malaysia toSingapore to be uneventful. Instead, I was treated to anotherexample of Singapore Airlines above-and-beyond service.

Read what stood outas amazingservice
How Do You Show Your CustomersYourTrust?

In a recent visit to Lake Placid, NY, I was takendown a windingcountry road to South Meadow Farm. We entered the small roomattached to the barn which displayed a large variety of localfood stuffs. We were tempted by shelves of maple syrup (light-,medium-, and dark-amber varieties), homemade jam, maple-basedcandy and other local goodies.

But what was missing was most striking.

Find out what byreading therest of this article.
DoYourStaff Understand Your Customers' Experience?

Are your staff puttingthemselves in yourcustomers' shoes, thinking through the customer experience? Doesyour staff help your customers save time, money and aggravation,rather than causing more of these?

Find out more abouthow to makesure your staff are relating to the customers'experience.
AreYourStaff Heading Off Customer Upsets?
During a recent return stayto the 4-star BejayaTimes Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur I was disappointed withservice that I'd complimented last time.

Read what happenedthatcould have been prevented and see what your staff could do toprevent your customers from getting upset.
SouthEast AsianImages

For me, one of the funbenefits of internationaltravel is seeing things I probably wouldn't see in the US. Hereare a few that struck me on my last trip.
  • In August many Middle Eastern familiesvisit Malaysia toescape the heat of their homelands. So many traditionally garbedwomen are in the hotel. I shared an elevator with a burka-cladwoman with only her eyes showing standing next to a localChinese-Malaysian teenager dressed in micro-shorts and a haltertop. The extreme dress of both next to each other made anindelible image.

  • At the Malaysian airport Customs counter,a scarf-wearing,conservatively dressed woman agent was reading Voguemagazine.

  • A nearly 70-year-old Chinese-Singaporeanbellman's cell phonerang while he assisted me. The ring tone shouted James Brown's "IFeel Good." When I commented on it, he called his cell from thehotel phone so he could dance to the tune for me.