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July/Aug. 2007
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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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"Avoiding Common Communication Mistakes Made With Customer"

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Periodically, I'll send short emails to my contacts with ideas, articles or offers I think will be of interest to some. I know not all the messages will be of interest to you, and ask in advance for your forgiveness if one or two enter your email box that have no interest to you. I'm hoping that if I keep the messages infrequent and short, you'll allow me to stay in contact. If not, please just click the remove link at the bottom of this email and we'll remove you from our distribution list and we won't darken your In Box again. We don't want to be a pest.
Announcing New Blog
My latest thoughts on how to develop your key talent are posted in my business blog
Grow Your Key Talent. See how you can learn key customer service lessons from a burger joint, how some people punish excellence, and what stupid things others are doing to their customers. And there are more articles and resources at
Invitation for You

I have a time-sensitive purpose in contacting you today. It is to invite you to sample a program we created to meet a need multiple clients expressed. It's called the Managers Discussion Guide Program and is designed for managers to lead short (30 minute), focused, meaningful discussions with their teams at staff meetings.

These sample sessions are short, 30-minute conference calls. This month's module focuses on "Avoiding Common Communication Mistakes Made With Customers." These calls are designed for managers, not the front line, and will give information they can share with their whole staff. Once enrolled in the monthly program, managers receive just-in-time training on that month's topic, along with a thorough script and even handouts for their staff.

This month's sample sessions times are listed in the box on the left.

Just go to for more information and to register for the free sample call.
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I'm committed to doing better at staying in touch with you, while also working to not be a pest. My plan is to connect once every 4-6 weeks. Please let me know how I can serve you!