Calming Upset Customers

May/June 2010
Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
Certified Speaking Professional
Certified Management Consultant

Developing your key talent for strategic growth

Grow Your Key Talent
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Remarkable Customer Service ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions to Increase Your Customers' Delight

Calming Upset Customers

This book is full of examples of superior customer service ... and below par service. Following each example are questions to ask your team to prompt discussions of what went right -- or wrong. Then you can decide how to use the lessons to improve your customers' delight.

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Grow Your Key Talent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives and Managers on Developing Star Staff

Calming Upset Customers

Many executives think that only HR needs to think about how to grow their internal leadership. By offloading all the thinking about this they are sure to stunt their company's growth. This book helps you examine what you should be considering when looking at helping your people grow to take on more responsibilities.

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Workshifting Trends from a 20-Year Veteran

In preparation for my June 10 free webinar for Citrix's members (see next item) they asked me to write a piece for their blog, "Workshifting," about working remotely.

I wrote my first book, Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales on a Toshiba laptop in airports, airplanes and hotel rooms -- in 1988. I've worked from a small island in Indonesia to an Indian city where the electricity went off every day from 1-4 p.m.  I've created seminars, sent client proposals, updated blog postings, and written over 20 books from Brunei beaches to a ship in the mid- Atlantic, to Canadian forests, to an Italian villa.

While "workshifting" may be a new buzz word, some of us have just called it "work" for decades, no matter where our bodies happened to be. It's allowed us to integrate our personal and business lives seamlessly, so we put in a load of laundry while we finish that important presentation from our bedroom. Or clear our heads from that gnarly proposal by gardening or taking a bike ride before returning to our work with a new insight.

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"Effectively Growing Your Key Sales and Service Talent: Are You Sunlight and Water or Just Manure?"

You know you have a huge competitive advantage in your sales and service representatives. They can either make your customer relationships bloom and grow or die on the vine. As a manager, you can make a huge difference in how your people nurture your customers.

You need to ask yourself some hard questions: Are your team members growing or shriveling? Are you enabling them to flourish or causing them to wilt? How can you grow your own skills as well as nourish those with whom you work? How can you ensure even exemplars to grow their skills?

If you're like most entrepreneurs, managers or executives, you know if you aren't enhancing your people's customer contact skills, you're going to lose your customers.  Your competitors are like weeds -- ready to overtake your best customers - and perhaps your stellar employees.

You need to keep your and your team members' skills sharp, but not sure how to do that on a limited (or no) budget. Rebecca will share her thoughts on keeping growing to thrive and not let your business die from lack of tending.

Rebecca will discuss:
·    Why your best sales and service employees may be ready to leave - and your best customers might go with them
·    Why maintaining status quo means you're losing ground
·    How you can develop your people with limited - or no - budget
·    How to get the highest ROI from any development effort

Thursday, June 10
11 AM (PDT)/2 PM (EDT)
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Magic Yellow Cards

One of a trainer's biggest challenges is to ensure trainees actually integrate the new skills into their daily practices.

If the trainer and the learner are in the same department, it's easier, as the instructor can watch the learner perform the new skills and can check on him/her regularly, providing kudos for utilizing new skills or coaching when needed.

However, when the provider is not housed in the same organization it can be difficult to ensure the new skills are being used. It has been a decades-long challenge for me, as an external consultant, to create ways that ensure learners actually integrate new skills.

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How Full is Your Bank of Grace?

How we live our lives builds up a store of goodwill from those with whom we interact. Or not. It depends on how our interactions leave the other feeling afterwards.

I call this goodwill "deposits to the Bank of Grace." Every time you do (or say) something nice for another, you've put a deposit in your account with them. When you greet a coworker with a smile and a pleasant, "How was your weekend?" or "Good morning," you've made a small deposit to your account in their bank. Larger deposits come when you extend a comforting ear when they share a troubling work or family situation. Or you offer to help them with a project that has them overwhelmed. Or you say, "Great idea" in the meeting in front of their boss.

However, many people seem to demand withdrawals from their account even though they have made few or small deposits. They don't understand that your lack of cooperation or enthusiasm for their request is because you feel they have put little into the relationship that justifies such a large withdrawal.

Read more about how our bank accounts can get fuller -- or be depleted quickly.
New Dates for the "Get It Done Program"

This program's attendees have been creating amazing results!

"In less than 2 weeks since the Get It Done 2-day kickoff, I've accomplished things I've been needing and wanting to do for 2 years!"                      --Linda Lenore

"I just completed your Get it Done intensive and so far, I have done more for my business in 2 days than I have done in 6 months!  You have this unique ability to not only see the big picture for each of us, the techies of the group as well as the ones with "soft sales," but to also help us with the day-to-day planning to reach our goals. You were able to keep us focused on each of our goals without getting distracted, and you did it in such an encouraging manner. I never felt judged or uncomfortable and I really appreciate your genuine concern and sincerity. Usually after a weekend workshop I walk out with information overload and it takes me weeks to go through my notes.  You've managed with some amount of wizardry to make me feel like it's do-able and my to do list is in bite-sized chunks, and that alone was worth every penny."   --Huda Baak                                                                 

"Rebecca's Get It Done Program helped me to clarify the two or three key areas that I needed to focus on in order to have the greatest success in my business and life.  Rebecca's coaching, in addition to the group interactions, provided me with significant value, insight, wisdom, guidance and direction.  I'm confident that I'll be able to achieve my most worthy goals better and faster than I would otherwise.  I highly recommend Rebecca's program if you're looking to focus on what's most important to you and actually Get It Done!"    
--Tom Drews, Founder and CEO, What Works! Communications

The 6-month "Get It Done Program" is designed to help independent professionals get clarity on ideas that will move their businesses forward fast. We clarify their strategies, and create a viable action plan. We meet as a small group (generally 6 people) for two days and help them suss out their ideas. There is no lecture, except explaining whatever info they need in context of their desired projects.

Attendees get the 2-day small group kickoff, 1-on-1 monthly coaching with me to help them move forward and a monthly group mastermind/coaching call.

Join us!

June 12-13 Silicon Valley (near the San Jose airport)
July 21-22 Orlando, FL (immediately following the NSA convention)
Aug 21-22 Silicon Valley (near the San Jose airport)

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