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May/June 2008

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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Calming Upset CustomersFind out more about how to calm down your upset customers with professionalism, either through live training, the book, or video-based learning.

Could your sales force use new or refined skills to close more sales? Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales has been used as the corporate sales guide for many companies.

Discover more info on live presentations or the book.
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What's Your Definition of Above-And-Beyond Service

Internationally acclaimed concierge-level service speaker Holly Steil, and I were talking about what constituted world-class service. I had just returned from Malaysia and Singapore where I stayed in 4- and 5-star hotels. I gave her a few examples of what I thought was extraordinary service.

Read my examples and Holly's comments on what makes superior service.
13 Ways to Get More Done at Work

"If I only had just one more hour a day..."

How would you spend it? More than half of those polled say if they were only more productive at work, they would spend more time with their families. Instead, the work piles up, time speeds by, and you play tug-of-war between your task lists and your desire for personal time. It's no surprise we are feeling this way-with the recent slump in the economy, we are working harder to keep our jobs and our senses of fulfillment.

Do you want some of time-tested methods to optimize your everyday routine? Get ideas on how to optimize your time at work, so you can enjoy life outside the office.

Download the PDF article which includes tips on:
  • Silence Your Visual Noise
  • Fine-Tune Your Focus
  • Look for Allies to Accomplishment
  • Tame the Email Ogre
  • Take a Productivity Pause
  • Continuously Improve
  • Redeploy the Troops (Your Past Work)
  • Play the End Game (Set an End Time on Work)
  • Find Face-Time
  • Tickle Your Tasks
  • Caution: Brake for Interruptions
  • Practice "No-ing"
  • Go Away
How Do Your People React to Dissatisfied Customers?

I was returning the $200 Z-Coil sports shoes I thought would help my heel pain. I'd purchased them the previous week with the provision I could return them with no restocking fee if my physical therapist didn't approve of how they supported my feet. It took me a few days longer to get in to see her than I thought.

Andrew, the manager, said I could wear them around my house to see how they felt and still return them if needed. I did just that.

My PT said the coil in the heel was too unstable for me. I explained this to the salesman at the counter. He said he would refund me minus a "sanitation" fee. I told him Andrew, who was helping another customer, said there was no return fee. Andrew came to the counter and looked at the shoes. He threw them back into the box and said they were too worn to waive the fee. I told him I wore them only around the house, as we had agreed. He gave me a disgusted look.

I was not surly or belligerent. I was calm, yet clear on what we had agreed. There was no need for him to throw the shoes in the box nor give me the look he did.

As a result, I will never recommend anyone to this store, and on their feedback form I pointed out Andrew's unprofessionalism. Other customers in the store heard the interaction.

How could Andrew have handled it differently? Read my ideas and what you can do to help your people respond appropriately.

What Do Malaysians And North Americans Have in Common?

I got to answer this question for myself when I spoke in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had two engagements, one speech for the Malaysia Association of Professional Speakers annual convention, where I spoke on "TurboTime: Maximizing Your Results Through Technology."

The second presentation was a two-day intensive seminar for executives on "Creating Customer Service Excellence." This program was sponsored by Elite Citadel, a seminar promoter for SE Asia.

What did I notice about the two audiences that was similar to North American audiences? Read my observations.

Bully Free At Work: Surprising Facts You Need To Know About Workplace Bullying

Read this article on bullying in the workplace by my colleague Valerie Cade, who is a world-wide authority and speaker on workplace bullying and author of Bully Free at Work™. Since some upset customers are bullies, we thought this article would be useful to you.