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March/April 2009
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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
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Developing your key talent for strategic growth

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Calming Upset Customers

Could your sales force use new or refined skills to close moresales? Professional Selling:Practical Secrets for Successful Sales has been used asthe corporate sales guide for many companies.

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April 4 NewOrleans
April 18 Vancouver
April ?Brunei

May 2 Batam,Indonesia (public: Interpersonal Communication)
May 4 Singapore(available)
May 5 S'pore (public: Time ManagementTriumphs)
May 6 S'pore HR Summit(Using Gimmicks, Games &Gizmos To Enhance Learning)
May 7 S'pore (TBD)
May 8 S'pore(in-house)
May 11-12 KL, Malaysia(public: Effective CustomerCommunication)
May 13-15 (hold for SEAsia)

June 12-13Tulsa, OK
June 12-13Wichita
July 18-21Phoenix
Aug. 31-Sept. 4 Malaysia(hold)
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Calming Upset CustomersFind outmore about how to calm down your upset customers withprofessionalism, either through live training or the book.
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Sales Skills forNon-Sales Staff

In this economy, every employee must become a salesperson. Youcan't afford to have anyone on staff who isn't doing somemarketing effort.

You may think that accounting, HR, facilities, and other supportstaff are immune from cementing relationships with customers,encouraging current clients to buy more, or unearthing newopportunities. Even engineers, manufacturing workers andreceptionists can have a sales attitude. When trained andincented, these people can become solid lead generators.

But how do you turn someone who doesn't have a sales personalityinto one who seeks out and seizes sales possibilities? That'swhere we come in. We partner with you to develop a meaningfulreward system and give them the knowledge and skills to take theplunge. The concepts can be easy, like expanding theirconnections in LinkedIn to encouraging them to have upsellconversations whenever they interact with a customer.

When people understand that they are not only helping yourcurrent and potential customers, but are possibly saving theirown jobs, they are motivated to act! But only when given theright resources to be successful in their attempts.

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IsTraining Punishment for Your People?

Last summer I read an article about US Airwayspilots who, because of the increase in fuel prices, were forcedto take fuel-management courses if they ordered an extra fewminutes of fuel for their flights.

One former Continental pilot, Bruce Meyer, said he had to hidethat he was putting a safety cushion of fuel on board.

Then US Airways pilots took out an ad that said the airline"embarked on a program of intimidation to pressure your captainto reduce fuel loads." Senior pilots -- those who are well awareof the vagaries of flights -- were targeted for fuel conservationtraining.

Their punishment was training!

Read how to position yourtraining positively, not as punishment.
Effective Customer Complaint Management

Now, more than ever before, you need to ensureevery customer remains a happy customer, even when there is aproblem. How your staff deal with problems and complaints willdetermine if that customer returns, buys more and/or tells othersabout their experience.

My seminar "Effective Customer Complaint Management: CustomerService Excellence Strategies for Driving Customer Satisfaction,Loyalty and Experience" is a comprehensive program and can begeared toward executives determining which data to gather andmine, to managers overseeing customer complaints, to thefront-line skills needed to calm down upset customers and turnthem into satisfied, loyal customers.

Read how you canstrategically turn complaints into an opportunity to solidifyyour relationship with your customers.

Do YourStaff Follow Through on Your Advertisements' Promise of SuperiorService?

Companies can pay millions of dollarsin advertising their superior service. But if their staff doesn'tactually deliver that service, that advertising just sets upexpectations that aren't met, then you get unhappycustomers.

I was excited about flying Emirates Air, as my friend Randy Gagewaxed on about their service. Granted, Randy flew in one of theirFirst Class suites (private bedroom, shower available). I was incoach. Although I'd flown Singapore Air a number of times, Iwanted to see how the Emirates service compared.

My 15-hour non-stop flight trip from SFO to Dubai got off to arocky start at check in.

Read more on what happened andlessons you can apply to your organization.
Service Secrets from the World's Most LuxuriousHotel

What makes a hotel 7-star? How do the hire and train staff toensure service literally fit for kings? Dubai's world-famous BurjAl Arab hotel holds the answers.

Read the lessons learnedfrom the private tour I arranged with the Burj's trainingdirector as part of my 4-day class of executives on "CustomerComplaint Management" in Dubai.