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June/July 2009
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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
Certified Speaking Professional
Certified Management Consultant

Developing yourkey talent for strategic growth

Grow Your Key Talent

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June 12-13 Tulsa, OK
June 13-16Wichita, KS
June 18-23 Dubai Public workshop "AchievingCustomer Retention & Maximizing Customer Loyalty"
June 24-July 1 Oman(hold)
July 18-22Phoenix
Aug. 7-19 Brunei (hold)
Oct. 9-11 Wash.,DC

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Calming UpsetCustomers

Calming Upset Customers

Find out more about how to calm down your upset customers withprofessionalism, either through live training, or the book.
Professional Selling:Practical Secrets for Successful Sales

Calming Upset Customers

Could your sales force use new or refined skills to close moresales? Professional Selling:Practical Secrets for Successful Sales has been used asthe corporate sales guide for many companies.

Discover more info on live presentations orthe book.
Snapshots From Around theWorld

Whileawaiting take off on Royal Brunei Airlines, I was surprised whenthe pilot said we'd have a prayer. A voice I assumed was animam's, chanted a prayer in Arabic. Our flight was withoutincident.
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Brunei Bank Managers Are Stars!

InMay, I had the honor of conducting a 5-day leadership,communication and presentation skills course for 25 seniormanagers at Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam. The group was fabulous.They were hungry for information to be better leaders andcommunicators. They embraced every exercise I asked them to do,no matter how uncomfortable it felt.

Read more on this special group,their comments and pictures.
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Calming Upset Customers
Remarkable CustomerService ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions toIncrease Your Customers' Delight (eBook)

This book is full of examples of superior customer service ...and below par service. Following each example are questions toask your team to prompt discussions of what went right -- orwrong. Then you can decide how to use the lessons to improve yourcustomers' delight.

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Calming Upset CustomersGrow Your KeyTalent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executivesand Managers on Developing Star Staff(eBook)

Many executives think that only HR needs to think about how togrow their internal leadership. By offloading all the thinkingabout this they are sure to stunt their company's growth. Thisbook helps you examine what you should be considering whenlooking at helping your people grow to take on moreresponsibilities.

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OutstandingService at Brunei's Empire Hotel

My 7-night stay at Brunei's fabulous Empire Hotel began at thelobby door. The Manager on Duty greeted me by name as I enteredthe exquisite lobby. Quite a feat for a 450-room hotel.

At the front desk I was informed I'd have free Internet via DSL."No wireless?" I asked. The clerk paused, then said, "Hold on aminute." She made a quick phone call and came back with, "I'vearranged to have a wireless router put in your room." "Is there acharge for that?" "No charge."

I'd begun to see why this is such a highly rated hotel.

(Read more examples of theiroutstanding service.)
Singaporeans Hungry to Enliven Training

They were hungry for information on how to maketheir training sessions more interactive and stimulating. The 500attendees at my session at the Singpore HR Summit were froma myriad of SE Asian industries. My session, "How to Enliven Training UsingGimmicks, Games and Gizmos" proved to be the one of the mostpopular seminars at the event.

When training SE Asia and the Middle East I've learned thoseaudiences love activities. North Americans like to be involved,too, but sometimes, especially in Silicon Valley, they seem tojust want a data dump of the informaiton and consider role playsand other activities as frivolous folderol.

Not so abroad. In fact, if you try to talk at them too long,they start texting, getting emails, napping or leave! Of course,this happens in No. American audiences as well.

("Read the description of "How toEnliven Training Using Gimmicks, Games and Gizmos.")
Buca di Beppo Service Goes Blop!

Buca di Beppo has been running a series of coupons to lurecustomers to their restaurants. Unfortunately, once they'veaccomplished that, they don't create an experience that hascustomers wanting to come back.

Read my recent experience andhow you can apply the lessons to your organization.
Charming Hospitality at Rustic Resort

After conducting a day-long seminar onInterpersonal Communications in Batam, Indonesia, I decided torelax for a few days at the island's rustic but peaceful oceanfront KTM Resort. The manager, Ms. Rina, took very good care ofme, situating me in a deluxe family cottage on the water. Thespacious 4-bed, two-bathroom cabana had a kitchenette and largebalcony overlooking the lagoon and ocean. Additionally, thestaff, especially Ryan, the assistant front desk manager, andGlenn, the rooms manager, made sure my every desire wasfulfilled.

(See pictures and read more onwhat the KTM Resort team did to make my trip memorable.)
Free WhitePaper

My friends at SupportIndustry.com are offering a free whitepaper, "Best Practices for Coaching Your Support Team to HandleAnything." It provides a step-by-step game plan for solving yoursupport agents' worst nightmares, based on the author'sexperience in successfully "turning around" support performance,as well as current research in the psychology of how wecommunicate with people. In the process, you will learn howspecific, procedural skills -- both for how your agents respondto customers, and how you coach your team -- can changeeverything about how your interact with customers, in a way thatwill impact both your support metrics and your bottom line.

Download the full whitepaper.