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January/February 2009
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Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC
Certified Speaking Professional
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Developing your key talent for strategic growth

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Calming UpsetCustomers

Calming Upset CustomersFind out more about how to calm down yourupset customers with professionalism, either through live training or the book.

Calming Upset Customers

Could your sales force use new or refined skills to close moresales? Professional Selling:Practical Secrets for Successful Sales has been used asthe corporate sales guide for many companies.

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Bike Shop SpinsCustomer Loyalty

Do you have a favorite local business that keeps wowing you withtheir service? I do. The guys at Willow Glen Bicycles in San Josekeep knocking my socks off with their service!

Dick and his crew are the kindest, most generous andknowledgeable bike staff around. I've watched them take care ofthe most proficient cyclist with thousand-dollar bikes to kids onSchwinns. When I wheel in my 30+ year-old 10 speed, they neverlaugh or make me feel like an old lady riding an antique. I'vebeen to other local bike shops, including the previous owners atthis location, and never been treated so well.

Read what else makes Dick's crewstand out.
ManagementMakes Right Decision

A series of debacles makes lunch with a friend aless-than-wonderful experience. Read what happened anddecide if you think the manager did the rightthing.

Customs OfficersShould Learn the Custom of Respect

Their job is to prevent any contraband fromentering the US. But did these Customs officials have to be sodarned surly in the process?

Some enforcement officers believe that they need to be human pitbulls and project an air that would have scofflaws cower. I begto differ. I think one can be imposing while being respectful.These officials are the first impression many foreigners have ofAmericans on US turf. So why allow belittling behavior?

Read examples from twoCustoms officers at Los Angeles International Airport on twooccasions, a few months apart.
How to Keep DevelopingYour Key Talent Even When Budgets Are Slashed

Stellar employees highly value enhancing their skills. Studies show that professional development is a key factor in attractingand retaining top talent. So what do you do if your professionaldevelopment budget is slashed? You get creative. And we'llhelp.

We've found a trend among out clients that most want their staffto have regular learning experiences but also want them to beaway from their jobs for shorter time frames. Also they don'tlike having to spend money on travel, even if the seminar orconference is relatively local.

Enter a development tool that many have yet to try -teleseminars! These are seminars over the phone. Teleseminars arethe most cost- and time-effective way to provide professionaldevelopment. In about an hour you can learn new ideas and createa development plan to increase your productivity andeffectiveness.

These are different than webinars because you don't have to benear your computer, just any phone. Enjoy learning at desk oraway from your desk through the ease of a teleseminar. You cantake our teleseminars at work, at home, in an airport, hotel room- wherever you and your phone are. They have the same audiocomponents as a webinar but without the tech problems manywebinars entail. You still receive visuals in advance --PowerPoint slides and/or handouts -- just print them and takethem wherever you'll be for the call.

And talk about time and cost effective -- in under an hour, ateleseminar can focus on a key topic and include lots ofparticipant interaction. So you aren't just listening to alecture - you are sharing your experiences and deepening yourthinking and understanding on a topic. You hear what others haveto say about the topic that will help expand your perspective andoptions. And you walk away with an action plan to implement theideas at work.

All this for a fraction of what it costs for in-personregistration fees, travel expenses and lost productivity.

Come attend one of our monthly teleseminars. I've been conductingteleseminars for 15 years and have been called "one of the bestteleseminar instructors in the world." (Thanks mom!)

We're offering a special to entice you to experience our January21 session -- 50% off for the first 5 registrants. (Details here.)

January 21 teleseminar:"Assessing Your Customer Service Skills and Attitudes"

February 18 teleseminar:"How To Not Take Others' Comments Personally"

While these teleseminars are designed for front-line customerservice providers, managers are welcome to attend.
Impressionsfrom Dubai

I'll be delivering a 4-day CustomerComplaint Management seminar in Dubai this month. Since I haven'tbeen to the Middle East before, I'll be posting my impressions onmy GrowYourKeyTalent.com blog.I've arranged for my class to have a private tour of the Burj AlArab - the only 7-star hotel in the world.

I'll also be visiting some of the markets and those usuallyyield many lessons on customer service, sales, andcommunication.

Tune in for what we learn.