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Remarkable CustomerService ... and Disservice: Case Studies and Discussions toIncrease Your Customers' Delight (eBook)

Calming Upset Customers

Thisbook is full of examples of superior customer service ... andbelow par service. Following each example are questions to askyour team to prompt discussions of what went right -- or wrong.Then you can decide how to use the lessons to improve yourcustomers' delight.

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Grow Your Key Talent:Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives andManagers on Developing Star Staff(eBook)

Calming Upset Customers

Many executives think that only HRneeds to think about how to grow their internal leadership. Byoffloading all the thinking about this they are sure to stunttheir company's growth. This book helps you examine what youshould be considering when looking at helping your people grow totake on more responsibilities.

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Calming UpsetCustomers

Calming Upset Customers

Find outmore about how to calm down your upset customers withprofessionalism, either through live training,or the book.
Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for SuccessfulSales

Calming Upset Customers

Could your sales force use new orrefined skills to close more sales? Professional Selling: Practical Secrets forSuccessful Sales has been used as the corporate salesguide for many companies.

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Being a Conscious Conversationalist

Being a conscious conversationalist is critical to along-term relationship, whether with a coworker, customer, orfriend - at least for me. I've encountered many people who areconversationally challenged. Since it is doubtful your friends orcolleagues will volunteer that you are an ineptconversationalist, as a public service I thought I'd delineatesome of the most common conversational culprits.

Read the 12 offending habitsmost of us don't realize we have.
Fabulous Service from AT&T

I'd been putting off buying an iPhone for severalreasons, but a key one was the horror stories I'd heard about theAT&T customer service. I was a happy Verizon customer, oftenbeing amazed at the great customer service when I called in witha question.

Read what they did that stoodout -- and one thing they could have done better.
Apple's Unique Take on Tech Support

Tech support has been the bane of many companies. Watching theircosts skyrocket, many began charging for tech support beyond alimited time frame. Many (most?) tried outsourcing to India andthe Philippines, but some have pulled back to US-based supportafter their customers screamed about unintelligible "help."

My experience with Apple's tech support was no different - untilrecently. As a Mac user since 1989, I even formed a MacUsersgroup to help sort out Mac issues, which then morphed into anlistserve. Luckily, Macs don't need a lot of tech support, or atleast my needs were pretty minimal.
Read more on a key philosophythat puts them miles ahead of others.
Sensitive Service from Prudential

My father died a few months ago and left us with a maze ofassets to sort out. We found two life insurance policies withPrudential so filed the proper paperwork. Within a few days ofreceipt, Andrea, an amazing helpful claims representative, calledall the beneficiaries to say she'd found another policy and woulduse the same documentation to pay it out, if she could just haveour verbal agreement!


Read why I thought they wentbeyond normal service.
Patience Shows Exemplary Service

I needed to have a document not only notarized, but"medallion-ized," which only the manager or assistant manager cando at my credit union. I called the manager to make sure he'd bethere when I arrived and we set a time to meet.

I appeared at the appointed time only to learn he was at anotherbranch! I didn't know he served two branches and he didn'tmention where he'd be, thus the mix up. His assistant called himand he instructed me to see Elva, the assistant manager.

See what little things made abig impression.
Do You Honor What Your Employees' Promise?

Like millions of other homeowners, I recently applied torefinance my mortgage at a lower rate. When a very low rate wasadvertised on my financial institution's web site, I acted so Icould lock in the rate.

Wednesday morning I began to complete the convenient onlineapplication. At one point the curser spun and spun. The site saidit was processing and if I got tired of waiting to click a buttonand someone from would contact me. After 10 minutes Iclicked.

Should this organization honorwhat was promised?
Lightning Source Lightens My Load

Lightning Source is aprovider of short-run and print-on-demand book publishing forsmall publishers like me. I'd researched dozens of short-runprinters for my latest books, and decided on Lightning Sourcebecause of the many benefits they offer and their reasonableprices. Little did I know they'd also set themselves apart bytheir stellar service.

Read why Lightning Source'sservice stands out.
Are Your Processes Designed for Your Staff'sConvenience or Your Customers'?

I love my library. It's steps away from me, just across anadjacent street. I order books online, then pop over and pickthem up. So convenient.

But not everything in this newly rebuilt library is convenient-- at least not for its patrons. There is a glaring problem wherestaff convenience won out over patron service.

Read what I thought was soegregious.
How Do You Celebrate Those Who've Made YouSuccessful?

A friend has a license to teach a nationally branded form ofexercise. He's been doing it for 25 years, running a successfulbusiness of 10 classes/week with 50-100 students per session. Itis lucrative for him and the license holder.

To commemorate his 25 years as one of their most successfullicensees they sent him ...

Find out the rest of thestory.
Help Your Staff Shine

Managers scratch their heads when observing their staff,wondering, "What makes some employees exemplars of customerservice, and some far below par?" While motivated -- andde-motivated -- employees often act on their own, it's theirmanager who either encourages great service -- or doesn't. If themanager rewards those who go out of their way to serve customers,others will see that's the level of service expected. And if amanager either lets someone slide or doesn't pay attention,others will see how little they can do.

Read a few ideas on how toincrease your staff's performance